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FMS Minor, Emily Baldwin, Interns as Audio Visual Intern with Southwest Airlines

This summer, I had the privilege of interning with Southwest Airlines as an audio and visual intern. I worked at Southwest’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and was part of the A/V Team at Southwest Airlines University.

Missouri Stories Spotlight with Prof. Laura Kirk

Laura Kirk is an associate teaching professor at the University of Kansas and is an award-winning filmmaker with credits as a producer and actor in many films including Andrea Arnold’s Cannes film American Honey (2017), and Slamdance film The Sublime and Beautiful : (2014).

KU theatre and film graduate earns award from department, plans to continue career in Chicago

Diego Rivera-Rodriguez thinks back to 2019 when he began his journey at the University of Kansas and for the first time witnessed the theatre and dance department’s iconic season opener tradition.

Oscar-winning FMS Prof. Willmott to Host Filmmaking Master Class

LAWRENCE — This July, aspiring filmmakers can learn firsthand the methods and tools used by a successful writer-director to craft award-winning films.

How FMS alum and trans filmmaker was forever changed by Kevin Smith's film 'Chasing Amy'

Johnson County-raised filmmaker Sav Rodgers first saw the 1998 romantic comedy "Chasing Amy" at the age of 12.

Oscar-winning FMS Prof. Willmott offers insight on writers' strike

LAWRENCE, KS — Early Tuesday morning, the Writers Guild of America announced that its members are now on strike, bringing much of the American film and television industry to a halt.

First-Year Seminar “Ukraine Through the Lens of Film” students at KU Undergraduate Research Symposium

First-Year Seminar “Ukraine Through the Lens of Film” students at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held at KU from 17 to 21 April 2023.

'Garden City" Film by FMS Prof. Hurst Shows What Makes Pluralism Work, What Threatens It

LAWRENCE – Garden City is something of a misnomer, sitting as it does on the parched high plains of southwest Kansas. But as the title of the new documentary by Robert Hurst, “Garden City, Kansas” serves as a metaphor.

FMS Professor at Ohio State University for CSEEES Conference

Dr Olga Kyrylova, the Visiting Assistant Professor at the Film and Media Studies, took part in the Annual Midwest Slavic Conference held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, March 24-26 2023.

FMS Prof. Willmott Draws Lessons From African American History

LAWRENCE – With the 2019 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on “BlacKkKlansman” on his mantel, Kevin Willmott can focus on the screenwriting projects he likes.

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