Student Clubs

Student-led clubs bring people together to develop ideas, collaborate, and find new ways to accomplish common goals. The students you connect with now could be the professionals you work with later in your career.

In a club, you can brush up on your equipment knowledge, build your demo reel, and make some lifelong friends. Imagine what you could create together.

KU Filmworks

KU Filmworks is a organization made up of not just film and media students but anyone with a passion for film. They come together with varying levels of knowledge to create new projects and learn as a group.

KU Filmworks logo with filmstrip graphic beneath the text.

KU Screenwriters

KU Screenwriters is building an open community for writers who are looking to improve their craft. They share ideas, outlines, treatments, scripts, etc. so writers can receive feedback and support.

KU Screenwriters logo with pencil above the text.