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Undergraduate Enrollment & Advising

Undergraduate advising is recommended for all Film majors on a yearly basis and especially for those who have just declared Film as a major.  Start by determining your enrollment time and date and then make sure all holds are cleared.  Follow up by setting an appointment with your advisor.  You'll be on your way to the start of an exciting new semester.

Enrollment Time & Date

Students can find the time and date they will get access to enroll in the MyKU Portal under the Progress Tab.


Enrollment Holds

Please note that all holds must be cleared before you will be able to enroll.  Check your MyKU Portal for a list of your enrollment holds, and how to remove them.  Take care of your holds early!


Permission Numbers

To enroll in FMS Production courses, students no longer need to receive a permission number starting summer 2018. Instead, the course will enforce to the prerequisite to each production class in Enroll and Pay. As long as students have passed the prerequisites, they will be able to enroll as usual.

A permission number is still required for FMS 273 Basic Screenwriting, FMS 303 (subject to change), and FMS 585 Capstone, so please contact the professor listed on the course schedule to obtain a permission number.

Admission to Film & Media Studies

Starting Fall 2016, admissions requirements in Film & Media Studies were no longer required.


Seniors need to meet with the FMS academic advisor the semester before they plan to graduate to complete a graduation check and to complete a Major Certification Sheet.


Undergraduate Director

Professor Matt Jacobson
118E Summerfield Hall



Undergraduate Advising

Chelsea Lantz-Cashman

Chelsea Lantz-Cashman
230J Summerfield Hall




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Graduate Advising

Film Department Policy

First-year students will be advised by the Graduate Director for the Fall semester upon their arrival and for the Spring semester in October. After the first two semesters, each student must consult with their advisor before the beginning of each semester about future enrollments. Students' advisors will check to be certain the necessary requirements are being met and will answer any questions or help students solve any problems which might arise.

Graduate Director

Professor Joshua Miner
118C Summerfield Hall

Graduate Advising

Lauren Chaney

KU Policy

The Director of Graduate Studies initially advises entering graduate students; but students select a permanent, primary advisor from the Film and Media faculty. By the end of the first year of graduate study, students should ask a faculty member to serve as their advisor and should notify the Graduate Academic Advisor of the faculty member identified. The faculty advisor will work closely with the student to develop a coherent plan of study and select courses ahead of each term in preparation for their thesis or dissertation. Each graduate student will meet with their advisor at least once a year to evaluate their course performance and timely progress toward the degree.

For more information regarding College policies and university degree requirements, contact the College Office of Graduate Affairs, 108 Strong Hall, coga@ku.edu, for assistance.


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