Funding for FMS Students

Film & Media Studies (FMS) and the School of the Arts (SOTA) have specific funds to help students with their projects and research.

Whether you are submitting your film to a film festival, traveling for academic reasons, or presenting your research, we have funds to support you!


FMS Undergraduate Film Festival Fund

Film and Media Studies is offering funding to undergraduates to defray the costs associated with presenting their work at film festivals.

Students may be eligible for $50 per festival with a total of $300 per academic year.

Contact Anna Neill or Lindsay Ly to apply.


School of the Arts (SOTA) Travel Fund

Are you traveling for a conference, film festival, or a workshop? What about studying abroad? We have money for that!


SOTA has grants for $300, $600 or $900 depending on your travel. Applications are due the first of each month and you must apply at least one month before the month of your travel.

Go to the Student Travel Fund page for more details.


School of the Arts (SOTA) Research Grant

Looking for research funding? SOTA students may receive up to $1,200 for exhibiting, presenting, performing, or publishing their work. Applicants must have a faculty sponsor.

Go to the Arts Research Project Grants page for more details.