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Film & Media Studies Graduate Program

  • Film & Media Studies Graduate Program
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  • Film & Media Studies: Culture and Studies
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Master of Arts Degree Overview

The Masters degree in Film and Media is a two-year, studies and research-based program. Degree requirements include three credit hours of production-based coursework and six hours of thesis credit, culminating in a written thesis on a chosen topic.

To be admitted, a student ordinarily is expected to have a Graduate Record Examination score of at least 160 verbal (formerly 600), 144 quantitative (formerly 500), and 4.5 analytical writing.

To complete the M.A., the student must sustain a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher through 33 graduate credit hours.

See our admissions page for requirements to enter the M.A. program and instructions for your application.

Film and Media Studies Graduate Handbook (updated 2020) 

Master's DegreeTimeline  

For more info and statistics about our program see the Film and Media Studies Masters Program Profile.

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