Anna Neill

Anna Neill
  • Interim Chair
  • Professor


Anna Neill is a professor of English, serving as Interim Chair of Film & Media Studies.  Her primary research fields are Victorian literature and the history of science but she has also published essays on film, museology, literature and corrections, and cultural studies. She served as Chair of English at KU from 2012-2017.


19th-century British literature; science and literature; Victorian speculative fiction

Selected Publications


Human Evolution and Fantastic Victorian Fiction. Routledge, 2021. 

Primitive Minds: Evolution and Spiritual Experience in the Victorian Novel. Ohio State University Press, 2013. 

British Discovery Literature and the Rise of Global Commerce. Palgrave, 2002. 

Recent Articles and Essays 

“William Morris, Utopian Socialism, and the Value of Art over Numbers.” Los Angeles Review of Books. August 19, 2021. William Morris, Utopian Socialism, and the Value of Art over Numbers – BLARB ( 

“How Lewis Carroll Challenged White Supremacy.” Los Angeles Review of Books. April 29, 2021. How Lewis Carroll Challenged White Supremacy – BLARB ( 

“Epigenetic Emergence: Reading for Growth in Jane Eyre.” Textual Practice 33.7 (2019), 1071-1086. 

“The Made Man and the Minor Novel: Erewhon, ANT, and Empire.” Victorian Studies 60.1 (Autumn 2017), 53-73. 

Awards & Honors

Frances L. Stiefel Teaching Professor, 2018-2020

Kemper Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2011

Conger-Gabel Teaching Professor, 2010-12