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Film & Media Studies Graduate Program

  • Film & Media Studies Graduate Program
  • Film & Media Studies Undergraduate Program
  • B.A. Production
  • Film & Media Studies Minor
  • Film & Media Studies: Culture and Studies
  • Film & Media Studies: Production

Graduate Certificate Courses

The certificate requires FMS 862 and FMS 865 in addition to two FMS courses, 700-level or above (excluding Production courses)

Fill out the Graduate Certificate Checklist (pdf) and submit to our Graduate Advisor.

FMS 862. Survey of Film and Media History. 3 Hours.

This seminar will be primarily international in scope and will concentrate on the following: technological and production issues relating to the transition in 1927-1931 of silent to sound film; the constructions of national identity, including those of recently emerging cultures; a comparison and contrast of the censorial agencies in America and abroad; and current revisionist perspectives on received film and media history. SEM.

FMS 865.  Film and Media Theory. 3 Hours.

This seminar is a comprehensive survey of the major classical and contemporary film and media theories and theorists, such as Munsterberg, Eisenstein, Bazin, and Adorno. The course includes film and media theory since the 1970s, moving through structuralism and into the posts: -structuralism, -modernism, -colonialism, and beyond. Within these broad paradigms some of the theories examined in depth are cinesemiotics, Marxism, cinematic apparatus, feminist film theory, reception theory, new media and virtual reality. SEM.


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