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Equipment Usage Agreement


I understand that use of equipment owned by the University of Kansas and the Department of Film and Media Studies is a privilege—not a right—conditional to my enrollment in the above class during the current semester. I am requesting use of departmental equipment and understand that failure to comply with the following terms and conditions may result in the revocation of this privilege. 


I will confirm the condition of all equipment checked out to me and return it in the same condition that it was received. I understand that I am solely responsible for the equipment and agree to pay a $20 late fee to Student Accounting Services (Bursar's office) should I fail to return the equipment on time. I understand that equipment checkout privileges will be suspended until all outstanding fees are settled. Subsequent failure to return equipment will result in a $20 fine per occurrence for the remaining academic year. Equipment more than one-day late will be subject to an additional $20 per day late fee up to the total replacement cost of the equipment. Checkout privileges may be restored when a receipt from Student Accounting Services (Bursar's office) is presented to Equipment Room Staff during regular posted hours. 


I understand that I am solely responsible to for all damage or loss of equipment and agree to pay the University of Kansas for the replacement of any equipment checked out in my name. If a damaged item is repairable, I agree to pay for all repairs to restore it to its previous condition. If not, I agree to pay for an appropriate replacement (to be determined by the Film Production Committee). After a replacement is made, I may choose to keep the damaged equipment or return it to Department to deal with at their discretion. 

In consideration of these equipment check out privileges, I authorize the University of Kansas to withhold my student records, enrollment, and/or transcript should I fail to pay any outstanding debt resulting from the loss or damage of equipment checked out in my name. 

I understand that eligibility for the privileges outlined above is based on current enrollment in a FMS production course during the semester that equipment is requested. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand all terms and conditions contained herein and agree to comply with them

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