Two students adjust cameras to record a guitar player on the soundstage.

KU Film & Media Studies

The world has stories to tell. Through analysis and production, we explore who we are, where we've been, and where we're going.

Film & Media Studies

sq. ft. of Soundstage, Studio, and lab space
of production equipment

Our People

An instructor stands next to a video camera and talks to a large group of students.

Our Faculty

Our world-class faculty inform the community with their research as well as lending their talents through production work. Many have been recognized in the industry through publications in prominent journals and through recognition and awards in the film community.
A student reads over a script while the camera hovers nearby.

Our Students

Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre has a passion to inspire political engagement through film. Several of the films she’s created have won awards, including a 2019 Brosseau Creativity Award from the Spencer Museum of Art, and been screened as part of major events like the New York Latino Film Festival.
A woman in black crouches outside a window.

Our Alumni

After graduating with a Film & Media Studies degree in 2018, Chloe Burns lived the film student dream of moving to Los Angeles and working in the industry. That is, until the pandemic brought the world to a halt. No industry was hit harder than film, leaving less-established workers in the dust.

Latest News

LAWRENCE, KS — Early Tuesday morning, the Writers Guild of America announced that its members are now on strike, bringing much of the American film and television industry to a halt.
First-Year Seminar “Ukraine Through the Lens of Film” students at the Undergraduate Research Symposium held at KU from 17 to 21 April 2023.

Upcoming Events

A small group of students stand on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set.

Career Week in LA

In this highly competitive event, qualified FMS students apply for the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to explore career options in the film and media industry. Selected students gain exclusive access to studios and companies led by KU alumni. Students can pursue potential internships and expand their professional network.

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Celia Tise talks about her experience during Career Week in LA and gives some advice to incoming freshman.

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Opportunities in FMS

A man sets up a light on a Soundstage while another watches.


FMS students are encouraged to get professional experience through internships. Besides improving your skills, the connections you make have the potential to lead to paid employment.
A student in plaid holds a camera aimed at another student with a clapper board.

Student Clubs

Collaborate and expand your skillset by producing films with other students.
Students gather in a group outside while the sun sets.

Study Abroad

Expand your community and learn about other cultures while getting college credit.