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Student Work

These are hand picked selections of works from class projects and entries for our annual Tensie Awards.  Enjoy the hours of work that went into the creation of these most interesting and entertaining stories.  Notice the detail in cinematography work and nuances in writing style that led this student work to win acclaim.


"Authentic Woman"

Stephanie Mott finds self-acceptance and identity through her faith.  Nominated for "Best Documentary" 2015 Tensie Awards

Director: Austin Wagoner
Cinematographer: Louis Fehlig
Editor: Rob Khafizov
Producer: Grabriel O'Connor


"Alphabets of Stephen T Johnson"

Local artist Stephen Johnson explores the intersection of art and language by creating children's books.

Director:  Sam Robbins
Cinematographer:  Rachel Beneful
Editor:  Allison Ulrich
Sound:  Nick Baker


"The Big Bang"

Motion graphics set to a lecture from Alan Watts on the Big Bang.  Nominated for "Best Animation" 2015 Tensie Awards.

Animator:  Trevor Mowry


"The Stockbroker"

A corrupt stockbroker is confronted by a mysterious stranger about his crimes.  Nominated for "Best Drama" 2014 Tensie Awards

Writer/Director:  Benjamin Waller
Cinematographer:  Cameron Volker
Editor:  Josh Jamison, Allen Sanders, Benjamin Waller
Sound:  Benjamin Waller, Connor Lowry


"Straw Men"

Short animation piece done in After Effects based on incorporated haiku poem.  Nominated for "Best Animation" 2014 Tensie Awards.

Animator:  Alaine Caudle



A man gets false memories implanted to start a new "happy life" until they start to fade.  Nominated for "Best Cinematography" 2014 Tensie Awards.

Writer/Director:  Zach Clossin
Cinematographer:  Jackson Swain
Editor:  Katie Wade
Sound:  Tom Holden


"Craigslist Connection"

A lonely college girl searches for a fling on Craigslist.  Nominated for "Best Drama", "Best Sound", and "Best Directing" 2014 Tensie Awards.

Writer/Director:  Alex Lamb
Producer:  Steve Schadeberg
Cinematographer:  Dylan Rider
Editor:  Travis Diesing
Sound:  Paige Prokop



A woman is willing to believe in anything to have a child.  Nominated for "Best Cinematography" and "Best Screenplay" 2014 Tensie Awards

Writer/Director:  Brandon Sieve
Cinematographer:  Brandon Sieve, John Vick
Editor:  Brandon Fawcett
Sound:  Brandon Fawcet


"Unit 12"

Set in a future where clones are bred for entertainment, one clone fighter unit wants more from his life.  Winner "Best Special Effects" 2014 Tensie Awards.

Written/Directed:  Michael Powers
Cinematographer:  Dustan Boleski
Editor:  Allen Sanders/Robbie Chance
Field Audio:  Allen Sanders/Robbie Chance
Post Sound:  Chase Horseman


"Bag Lady"

A senior citizen's apartment is broken into by a thief who is soon surprised by a supernatural force to be reckoned with.  Winner "Best Comedy", "Best Cinematography", "Best Sound" 2014 Tensie Awards.

Writer/Director:  Grant Zizzo
Producer:  Jackson Swain
Cinematographer:  Tanner Gibas
Editor:  Katie Wade
Assistant Director:  Thomas Holden
Field Audio:  Andrew Curtis
Post Sound:  Grant Zizzo
Grips:  Elliott Klassssen, Zach Clossin



Three different animated sequences set to music.  Nominated for "Best Animation" 2015 Tensie Awards.

Animator:  Mary Hauder



Profile of Edward Schroer, senior editor and co-owner of Rockhaven Films.

Director:  Trevor Mowry, Chase Ensz, Shawn Jackson
Cinematographer:  Trevor Mowry, Chase Ensz, Shawn Jackson
Editor:  Trevor Mowry, Chase Ensz
Sound:  Trevor Mowry
Screenwriter:  Shawn Jackson


"Ten Seconds to Perfection"

Violetta is on her journey toward “perfection” and is haunted by memories of her past.  "Best Directing" and "Best Drama" winner at 2015 Tensie Awards.

Director:  Haley Gilchrist
Cinematographer:  Taylor Cole, Tressa Lee
Editor:  Matt Franklin
Sound:  Jeff Hinshaw
Screenwriter:  Adalberto Arroyo

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