Update: Monday, March 23.

FMS Students,

Due to the Douglas County Health Office’s “Stay at Home” order and the fact that all campus buildings are now locked, we ask that all students with checked-out equipment do not attempt to come to Summerfield as there will be no staff or services available. John McCluskey will contact you with details on how to return the equipment at a future date.

Michael Baskett



Update: Friday, March 20.


Effective immediately, FMS has made the following changes to its policy on production-related equipment and space usage to protect the health and welfare of all students, staff, and faculty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These policies will remain in place until the University resumes in-person classes. Because of these changes, adjustments will also be made to production course content (outcomes, assignments, assessments, etc.) for the remainder of the semester. Course syllabi will be adjusted in order to compensate for any production work that cannot be completed as planned this semester. All FMS faculty are committed to working with students in order to help them complete their course work on time. If you have questions regarding how these changes may impact specific classes, please contact your instructor directly.

Equipment Check-out:

  • The Equipment room will remain closed until in-person classes resume. There will be no further check-out of production equipment for the duration of the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Students with equipment currently checked-out will be contacted by John McCluskey to schedule a return time on Monday, March 23.

Facilities Use:

  • All FMS facilities (production spaces, editing rooms, classrooms, computer lab, service centers, etc.) will remain closed until in-person classes resume.

Production Guidelines:

  • All production and post-production for class projects should avoid in-person contact and must comply with University guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to, strict avoidance of the following:
    • Any productions with more than one participant on-set
    • Any in-person casting sessions
    • Any in-person shared-space editorial sessions
    • Any in-person production meetings
    • Any in-person screenings
    • Any form of production work that potentially puts students or others at risk
  • FMS strongly discourages all productions that require direct contact between crews and casts even when using your own equipment, as these violate University guidelines and potentially put students or others at risk.
  • FMS strongly discourages the sharing of personal production gear as this also potentially put students or others at risk.

Remote Access:

  • IT is currently preparing windows-based applications of Toon Boom, Final Draft 11, Blender, Adobe Suite, and Pro Tools for student use via Virtual Lab. Once the software is available, IT will send out further instructions.



The Film and Media Studies facilities are located in Summerfield Hall and right in the center of campus with easy access to parking and the KU bus system.  Several departments share the building, two of which are the University Career Center and Undergraduate Advising Center.  Our facilities reside on the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors and provide over 14,000 sq/ft of production and studio space.  Students have access to a state of the art sound recording studio, soundstage, animation studio, computer lab, and production classroom.

Recording Studio and Soundstage Reservations

Students and Faculty that need to book the recording studio or soundstage can do so by filling out this form.  Film Minors do not have reservation privileges.  Requests need to be made at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled production date.  Once received you will be contacted for verification.  If you are scheduling for multiple days you must fill out the form for each day you plan to be working in the space.

In order to qualify for scheduling privileges you must read and agree to the Film Facilities Code of Conduct followed by a short test.  You must correctly answer 8 or more questions or you will be notified to retake.


SoundstageThe soundstage is made up of over 2700 sq/ft of production space and provides ample room for multiple student productions.  It is outfitted with two twenty-foot cycloramas that provide students with space for green screen process cinematography and infinite space.

Our pipe grid is outfitted with LED lighting as well as traditional tungsten instruments with 3000 amp service.  In addition, two company switches supply an additional 200 amps each for tie ins.

A large double door provides exterior access and allows for the load in of vehicles for green screen work as well as large set pieces.  A track system with full length curtains controls light and acoustics.  A full array of floor lighting and grip equipment skirts the stage and is available for any scheduled student production.



Recording Studio

Recording Studio

The recording studio not only provides the department a premier space for recording and mixing audio but also serves as a classroom.  The same acoustic treatment, floating floor work, double-walled construction that outfits the recording studio is also found in the mixing room.  This makes the room acoustically isolated from any sounds or noise transmissions from existing structures and external rooms, an ideal workspace for monitoring the perfect mix.

In addition, the control room is equipped with the latest ProTools hardware, industry leading audio console, and supplemental compressors and power conditioners, providing an impeccably clean signal for the ultimate recording session.

The recording studio is outfitted with a full range of microphones for four piece classical performances, overdubbing, and foley.  Great attention to external noise suppression has been carefully tuned with thermostat control to adjust the HVAC system when a low noise floor is needed.



Computer Lab

Computer LabThe lab is made up of twenty machines running the Adobe CC suite, Toon Boom Studio for animation, Unity for video game creation and Final Draft; industry leading screenwriting software.  Situated on the fourth floor, students have a stunning view of Allen Fieldhouse and central campus as well as the surrounding community.  When not in use by classes, students have full access to work on projects in an open lab setting.  Adjacent to the lab is a meeting room for script readings, auditions, and group brainstorming sessions.



Production Classroom

The production classroom was designed to mirror the functionality of the soundstage.  Heavy black curtains cover the windows, adjusting not only the light that enters the space but also aiding in acoustic adjustment.  A small grid is available for lighting instruments and lighting control is duplicated in both spaces for training consistency.  Adequate room is available for the construction of small sets during scheduled productions.



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