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Alumni Database

If you would like to be in the Alumni Database or have an update, send us your submissions.  Your email and phone number are not required unless you would like to receive our monthly newsletter.  Your contact info will not be published or shared.

Name DegreeDeg* YR Current Position
Wadsworth, Amy B 1997 IATSE Local 729 Hollywood Set Painter.
Wetta, Marshall B 2012 Assistant Animatic Editor at Dreamworks Animation Television
Wiley, Seth B   Director working in commercials, features and episodic television between LA and NY
Winn, Michele B 2002 Associate Project Manager, Studio Operations Mastering and Post Production at Disney Studios
Winter, Noah B 2008 Works in business development for a Fortune 500 company in LA
Woodson, Mary Beth M 2007 Currently a PhD student in FMS at KU 
Woodman, Brian P 2006 Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electronic and Photographic Media at Webster University, film producer on The Pruitt-Igoe Myth, and consultant and archivist for the State Historical Society of Missouri and St. Louis International Film festival

*B = BA, BS, BGS, Undergraduate degree

 M = MA, Master of Arts

 P = PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy

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