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Scholarships and Awards


Mark Amin Scholarship

Awarded to Undergraduate and Graduate students with academic merit. Preference will be given to students of Iranian descent.

Najmeh Moradiyan Rizi (graduate)


Donald and Betty Dixon Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying in the Department of Film and Media Studies.

Christopher Billings (RSS undergraduate)

William Chmylak (RSS undergraduate)

Grace Fawcett (undergraduate)

Stuart Jenkins (RSS undergraduate)

Grace Jones (undergraduate)

Rikki Perez (undergraduate)

Carter Trout (RSS undergraduate)


Adah Clark Hagan Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students. Candidates must show evidence of excellence in both the academic and performance areas of film.

Lourdes Kalusha-Aguirre (RSS undergraduate)

Christopher Pendry (RSS undergraduate)

Colton Trowbridge (RSS undergraduate)

Drake Woods (RSS undergraduate)


Claire Reinhold Scholarship

Awarded to outstanding undergraduates and graduate students. Candidates must be majoring in Film and Media Studies.

Emily Binkley (RSS undergraduate)

Cole Gomez-Maldonado (undergraduate)

Emma Miller (RSS undergraduate)

T. Parker Nocita (RSS undergraduate)

Connor Reazin (RSS undergraduate)


Charles "Buddy" Rogers Scholarship

Awarded Undergraduate and Graduate Film students who are U.S. citizens and are not on an athletic scholarship. Candidates must show excellence in both the academic and performance areas of Film.

Blake Betts (undergraduate)

Benjamin Grimes (undergraduate)

Emilee Sack (RSS undergraduate)


Alexis and Craig Stevens Scholarship

Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who are studying the performing arts in the Department of Film and Media Studies.

Jaron Lucas (RSS undergraduate)

Tommy Marshall (undergraduate)

Joan David Salazar (undergraduate)


Peter and Ann Thompson Undergraduate Film Scholarship

Awarded to a declared undergraduate film major. Candidates must have Kansas residency, have a 3.5 grade point average in their major, and show evidence of financial need.

Heather Nguyen (RSS undergraduate)


Women in Film Scholarship

Open to Undergraduate and Graduate women who are studying film in the Department of Film and Media Studies. Demonstrated excellence in creative work and film and media studies, GPA of 3.7 in Department coursework and 3.5 overall. Must show a commitment to pursuing a career in film and media, either studies or production.

Gabriella Aguilar (RSS undergraduate)

Danyelle Greene (graduate)

Clara Knipp (undergraduate)

Phoebe Koruna (undergraduate)


Bernadette Robinson Scholarship (SOTA)

Scholarships for talented and deserving students in the School of the Arts who maintain high grade averages.

Toula Sweeney (undergraduate)

Kaja Wakefield (undergraduate)


Juanita B. Strait Scholarship (SOTA)

Shall be used to annually pay one or more worthy female Fine Arts student, to be selected by a committee of the School of the Arts at the University of Kansas. Selection shall be based on at least average scholarship, coupled with a financial need, and to be given to Kansas residents only.

Tweesna Mills (graduate)





 Debuting this year!  Mike & Lynette Robe Screenwriting Award 

Mike Robe is an award-winning screenwriter, director, producer and dedicated KU alumni. He has generously inaugurated this annual award in order to encourage and inspire talented screenwriters at KU. The winner will receive a cash prize of $3,500, feedback on their work from industry professionals, and have their screenplay read by a notable agency, film producer, or production company.

Jack Schlotfeld - "Dare I"


Alumni Honor Citation

The Alumni Honor Citation is awarded to a KU alum from the Department who has national and/or international prominence and has demonstrated continued significant contributions to his/her profession. For continuing support of the Department and its students, this year’s recipient is:

Mark von Schlemmer


Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is awarded to a person who has made a recent significant contribution to the Department. For representing the University of Kansas with Excellence in the Industry, this year’s recipient is:

Stephen Deaver 

Loren Dolezal Community Service Award

Animator and filmmaker Loren Dolezal has been a lifelong supporter of the film industry in Kansas, and of education at the University of Kansas. Among his numerous credits (both for Centron Films and as an independent animator) are the book animation segments for the PBS series, Reading Rainbow, which he filmed at his studio in downtown Lawrence. This award is given for outstanding service to the filmmaking community.

Erika Lobati (undergraduate)


The Bill Gilbert Award

Bill Gilbert was one of the leading rigging and lighting equipment specialists in Kansas. His screen credits include the films, Twister and Ride with the Devil. With his rental house "The Gilbert Group", he gave many of our students their first experiences and valuable mentorship in the professional world of film production. The award recognizes excellence and enthusiastic participation in film production activities and classes in the Department of Film and Media Studiesand goes to a student who is interested in pursuing a career in film production.

Katelyn Branstetter (undergraduate)

Jacob Schermerhorn (undergraduate)


The Mike Gunter Distinguished Service Award in Film

Mike Gunter was the technical and facilities manager at Oldfather Studios in the late 1990's, keeping the equipment side of the Department running for many years while also attending KU as a Master's student in Film. He is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Central Arkansas. This award is given to recognize film students for outstanding service and dedication to the film area.

Madeline Holland (undergraduate)


Sherman Halsey Award

The purpose of the Sherman Halsey Award is to support students passionate about a career in Theatre and/or Film and Media Studies at the University of Kansas, pursuing creative opportunities beyond the classroom; including but not limited to, study abroad, internships, travel to perform or attend performances, and/ or entrance fees to submit work to film festivals. This award is shared with the Department of Theatre & Dance and given to each department on a rotating basis. This year, the Sherman Halsey Award is to be awarded to a student in Film and Media Studies.

Stephanie Morales Macedo (undergraduate)


Herk Harvey Outstanding GTA Award

Harold “Herk” Harvey broke into the film business as an actor in movies produced by the Centron Corporation. Centron was an independent industrial and educational film production studio located here in Lawrence and the former home of the Department of Film and Media Studies. Herk went on to become a film director and producer for 35 years, making over 50 industrial, educational, documentary, and government films. He is best known for directing the 1962 independent-slash-horror hit, Carnival of Souls which he produced in part here in Lawrence. Awarded for excellence in teaching by a graduate teaching assistant in film who has maintained an outstanding academic record.

David Gower (graduate)

Ghiyong Patrick Moon (graduate)


Marilyn B. Heath Distinguished Service Award

Marilyn Heath provided over 40 years of distinguished service to our Department’s students, faculty, and staff before her retirement in 2013. Marilyn mentored administrative staff, supported the Department Chair, guided faculty through the Promotion & Tenure process, and performed her duties with an exceptional eye for detail while finding real joy in interacting with students. Her name is synonymous with distinguished service! To honor staff and graduate students in the Department of Film and Media Studies who demonstrate exceptionally dedicated service to the Department in a given year.

Karla Conrad


Ben Krout Grip Awareness Award

Ben Krout was one of the many KU students mentored by Bill Gilbert. Ben is currently working in the Industry in Los Angeles as a rigging grip. His credits include the television shows Parks and Rec, Ugly Betty, Weeds, and The Goldbergs. (The amount Ben donates for this award is the base rate for one day's work for a union grip in Los Angeles.) This award will recognize a student who is either interested in being a grip and/or has been working on projects as one.

Jed Shaffer (undergraduate)


Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to recognize important contributions in film and media studies in the span of a career. for a lifetime of service in the field of Film and Media, this year’s recipient is:

Mike Gabrawy, Arclight Films .


Chris Martin Visual Effects Award

Chris Martin was an outstanding student in the Department in the early 2000's, working on developing his skills as a filmmaker while serving as president of KU Filmworks the student production club. He is now a successful visual effects supervisor on projects like Heroes (for which he won an Emmy Award), The Walking Dead, and Grey's Anatomy. This award recognizes an undergraduate student who is pursuing the craft of Visual Effects.

Kyle Nelsen (undergraduate)




*RSS = Rising Student Scholar