Haley Bajorek

Haley Bajorek
  • MA Student
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

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L. Haley Bajorek graduated with honors from the University of Kansas with her B.A. in Anthropology as well as with a minor in Communication Studies. As a graduate student, Haley is pursuing a joint master's degree in African and African American Studies and Museum Studies with the goal of better understanding American history and its broader diasporic connections to elevate underrepresented and erased historical narratives in the museum and to use museums as tools of social change.


Research interests:

  • Critical Race Theory (and many of its branches)
  • Digital Humanities
  • Knowledge Production and Preservation
  • Counter-Archives and Counter-Narratives
  • Decolonization Theory
  • Radical Black Feminist Theory
  • Museum Education, Outreach, and Programming