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Short tactical, text-based video game intervening into virtual personal assistant design and interaction practices.

Creators: Gwen Asbury and An Sasala 

As our game exists as an HTML file, you can also access the game via our itch.io page HERE. Sources for our game can be found on our wordpress account HERE as can a longer description of the game HERE

Produced for FMS 702 Videogame Theory and Design, Instructor Joshua Miner, Fall 2019

Categories: Experimental, Interactive Media



Comfort is an experimental 360 VR film concerning queerness, expression of identity, and bending binaries. ****Contains some light nudity.****

Madeline Holland - Director, Talent, Planner, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Editor

The easiest, and preferred, way to watch Comfort in 360 is to use YouTube on a mobile device, standing and rotating, with headphones on or earbuds in. The video also works on desktop on YouTube by dragging with the mouse to rotate. In order to use the mp4 file, a recent version of VLC or another 360-compatible media player must be used, otherwise it will stretch the view without accounting for the perspective or allowing rotation.

Produced for FMS 593 Experimental Film & Video, Instructor Meg Jamieson, Fall 2019

Categories: Editing, Experimental, Interactive Media, Sound


Gunforce Reloaded

In Gunforce Reloaded you place as Gunter, a sentient gun seeking revenge for the death of his mentor in this top down short but sweet videogame experience. 

Matthew Johnstone - Game Designer, Programmer
Adam Braun -  Game Designer, Programmer
Mitch Quaney - Narrative Designer 
Spencer Thompson - Art Director

Produced for FMS 302 Videogame Theory and Design, Instructor Joshua Miner, Fall 2019

Categories: Experimental, Interactive Media, Sound


幸せなこと (Happy Things)

A work-in-progress VR and AR 3D modeled experience centering around the "Happy things" in my life, paired with a poem which will be in Japanese. The title is pronounced "shiawasena koto" and translates literally to "Happy things".

Madeline Holland - Director

Produced for FMS 478 Experimental Production, Instructor Meg Jamieson, Spring 2020

Categories: Animation, Experimental, Interactive Media, Visual Effects