Alumni Database

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Name DegreeDeg* YR Current Position
Eisner, Les B 1992 Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Fox Broadcasting Company
Farmer, BJ B 2005 Head of Production, Large Format Entertainment, Pixmondo LLC
Faucette, Brian P 2010 Adjunct faculty at Appalachian State University

Feld, Michael

B 2006 Office Production Assistant at American Dad
Findlay, Sam B 2012 Working in production in LA
Flynn, Nichole B 2015 Published Author
Franklin, Jennifer B 2010 Assistant editor for reality tv programs
Frederick, Chris B 2008 Works in production in Lawrence, KS
Frisbie, Cait B 2017 Freelance Editor
Fuller, Kalif B 2012 Works in production in Lawrence, KS

*B = BA, BS, BGS, Undergraduate degree

 M = MA, Master of Arts

 P = PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy

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