Alumni Database

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Name DegreeDeg* YR Current Position
Cahill, Patricia B,M 1971 Vice Chair, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Board of Directors
Carlson, Jacob B 2017 Lighting Assist/Best Boy for indie feature film by And Why Films, LLC Wichita, KS.  Working on 2nd degree from WSU
Carrera, Alicia B 2013 Production in Kansas City area
Chambers, Robert M 1968 Professor Emeritus with the Theatre Department at SMU
Chapman, Anne B 1985 CSA Freelance Casting Director
Chapman, Mike B 1982 Works as Writer for CRU Storylines (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
Cheng, W.S. B 2001 System Administrator, University of Kansas Hospital
Cohen, Matthew P 2011 Adjunct in Department of Communications Studies at the University of Iowa
Cooper, Jonathan B 2013 Interests in writing and broadcast journalism
Cornell, Tim B 2016 Video Production Specialist for Rock Chalk Video in KU Athletics
Denny, Melinda B 2006 Professional script supervisor in LA
Dockum, Kyle B 2012 Interests in cinematography
Donley, Andrew B 2013 KFOR television reporter in Oklahoma City, OK
Downey, Charley M 2010 Works in Lawrence KS
Driver, Billy B 1997 Producer of "Strange Town" for KLRU/PBS, Austin, Texas
Dubois, Joshua B 2004 Senior Creative Producer - Barkley
Duron, Hispano P 2014 Professor and Coordinator of the Center of Educational Media at the National Pedagogical University, Honduras

*B = BA, BS, BGS, Undergraduate degree

 M = MA, Master of Arts

 P = PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy

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