Alex Lamb's Intern Experience on "Sabbatical"

Panorama of interns sitting at table in restaurant

"Who says getting an internship can’t be easy? This summer I interned as the key production assistant on the Moss Garden Productions feature film “Sabbatical,” a position I secured simply by connecting with the director on Facebook after seeing his first film at a local festival, and then asking him if I could help out on his next project.

The film was shot in and around Madison, WI, where writer/director/producer Brandon Colvin lives. So I moved up there a few weeks before shooting started to become familiar with the area and assist in moving equipment as well as furnishings Film being shot outside of houseinto the home where most of filming took place.

My main duty was driving around the actors and sound mixer to and from set, which gave me a unique opportunity in getting to know and befriend them all. Additionally, it netted me hilarious behind-the-scenes stories from their careers, new connections within the filmmaking industry and ample wise advice, ranging from how to successfully get a career start through how to balance projects for money with projects for more artistic value.

While all the other production assistants on the crew had more specific roles, which they had done before, I got a taste of everything. I learned what all the equipment was and how it worked, I observed how the assistant directors planned out the schedule each day for it to run smoothly and then I also took the main on-set photos. And more generally, in a grander sense, I saw and understood the importance of all the moving parts in the collective machine that it takes to create a real film, which is the most encouraging and affirming thing I’ve seen to push me forward in filmmaking."

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