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General Info

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of an emergency it's good to know you have the right tools to react in dangerous situations.  The University has laid out several procedures that should be reviewed in case of:

To stay informed of any threat or emergency visit the KU Lawrence Campus Alerts webpage and sign up for text and email alerts.

We also provide a Building Emergency Evacuation Plan for your review that lays out evacuation procedures for Summerfield in the event of an emergency.  Take some time to review the emergency evacuation pathways on the building maps located by all stairwells.  The assembly area during an event is located on the North lawn.  Be sure to stay clear of roads and parking lots to allow emergency vehicle access.

If you have a disability you should create a Personal Action Plan which alerts emergency personnel of your specific evacuation needs in case of emergency.

In an emergency always contact 911.  For all non-emergency situations, you can reach Public Safety at (785) 864-5900


Out-of-state Internship Scholarships

We are offering 10 scholarships of $500.00 each for 10 FMS majors who have successfully applied for and obtained an out-of-state internship for Summer 2018.

If you are interested in applying for this subsidy, please submit the following information by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 1st:

  1. A cover letter with name, year in the department (sophomore, junior, etc.), name of the company you will be interning with, name and contact information for the internship provider, and length and location of the internship. Additionally, write a short paragraph describing your duties on said internship and the skills you hope to obtain.
  2. A copy of your most recent Degree Progress Report (we will be looking for proof of FMS major and your GPA).
  3. Proof that an internship has officially been offered to you (an email from your internship provider will suffice).
  4. For undergraduate students, an acknowledgement that you will be enrolling in internship credit hours (FMS 307) either during Summer 2018, Fall 2018, or Spring 2019.

The results of the competition will be announced on May 3, 2018 during the Tensie Awards and Student Recognition Ceremony.  Recipients need not be present to win, though you will be notified via email after that date.

If you are awarded the internship stipend, we will ask you to turn in a one-page report detailing your experience with the internship, the skills you learned, and how this experience has shaped your college career in FMS thus far.  This report may be used in a future FMS newsletter.

For any questions please contact Professor Matt Jacobson or Professor Robert Hurst.

Deadline for application:  2:00 p.m. on Friday, April  27.  Please turn in application materials to Karla Conrad in 230 Summerfield Hall or email your materials to Karla Conrad.


Film & Media Studies Undergraduate Film Festival Fund

Film and Media Studies is offering funding to undergraduates to defray the costs associated with presenting their work at film festivals.

$50 award per festival.  Students eligible for a total of $300 per academic year.

Need more info?  Contact Professor Tamara Falicov (tfalicov@ku.edu) or Professor Matt Jacobson (mattjaco@ku.edu)



Social Media Survey


Film Related Websites

Some of the sites listed below are of a commercial nature. The links provided are of an informational nature only, and in no way imply that the University of Kansas endorses these sites.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Information about employment in the motion picture and video industries.

Buster Keaton Celebration
The homepage of the annual event celebrating the life of this Kansas native son.

From the Kansas City Film Fest to the LA Comedy Festival, from Sundance to intimate celebrations of filmmaking in cities across the world, film festivals provide a place for filmmakers and film lovers to share and experience the art of cinema together.  Browse this extensive list to find your film festival destination.

Film Society of Greater Kansas City
The mission of the Film Society of Greater Kansas City is to provide a social format for film enthusiasts to view and discuss films; to learn about and advance Kansas City's film legacy; and to encourage local filmmaking from within the community.

Independent Filmmakers Coalition - KC
​The IFCKC promotes and nurtures creative and artistic expression through film, video and media production. They develop, assist, and serve as a resource for the local independent film and media artists in the video industry.

Kansas City Filmfest
Kansas City Filmfest celebrates the power if storytelling as a shared cultural experience through the cinematic arts.  Their mission is to provide shared cinematic art experiences that entertain, educate and inspire audiences from children to adults.

Kansas City Film Office
The Kansas City Film Office attracts film, television and media (including new media) production to the Kansas City area. The office is part of Visit KC, Kansas City's convention and visitors association.

Kansas International Film Festival
The Kansas International Film Festival (KIFF) stands alone as a movie purist’s delight, focusing on documentary, narrative, and animated independent films. Founded in 2001 as a non-profit organization, KIFF attracts local, regional, and national work, recognizing visiting filmmakers and screen personalities, and increasing public awareness of independent and classic cinema as a cultural, economic, and educational asset.

Kansas Silent Film Festival
Showcasing the talent of some of the best silent film stars and filmmakers.

SUA (Student Union Activities)
University of Kansas organization responsible for promoting events and activities for students.

Through A Glass Productions
Through A Glass Productions provides professional film and video work from its home in Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to professional work, Through A Glass is committed to producing quality narrative films.

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