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Student filmmaker shines in film festivals with her short film "Politically Correct"

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Savannah Rodgers on the set of "The Generation Gap"When University student and filmmaker Savannah Rodgers was 12, she was inspired to become a screenwriter. It was all because of one movie: “Chasing Amy.”

Rodgers, who is from Olathe, said the film's plot and narratives drew her into the story.

“I was so inspired by it on a multitude of levels that I really wanted to become a writer,” Rodgers said. “Ever since then I have just wanted to create movies that make people feel something.”

Before college, Rodgers wanted to move to California to pursue a career in film but realized it wasn’t financially reasonable, so she came to the University to learn as much as she could about film. Initially she wasn't going to attend college, but is now she is a junior and pursuing a degree in film and media studies.

Though Rodgers knew at an early age she wanted to be a writer, it wasn't until she was 16 that she realized her passion for filmmaking. Rodgers said she thinks film is a powerful medium that allows for a lot of creativity with dialogue and translates life's subtleties.

“[Film] is a very interesting way to connect with an audience because I think a lot of people learn through what they see and hear,” Rodgers said. “If you have a great movie you can inspire people one way or another, not that I’m necessarily inspirational. It’s just my goal to make people feel happy or sad, hopeless, or whatever.”  Read more...

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