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Student discusses the inspiration behind her first film 'Politically Correct'

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Savannah RodgersA burgeoning filmmaker, Savannah Rodgers is a part of the “small, but mighty” Kansas City filmmaking scene.  She is a film student at the University of Kansas and acts on the Board of Directors for Kansas City Women in Film and Television. Also, she is the film director of  “Politically Correct,” a short film that has been screened at independent film festivals, among others, at the Festigous online festival.

MissCareerLess spoke with Rodgers about being a female filmmaker and the subject of “Politically Correct,” a film that examines the balance – or lack thereof – of political correctness, diversity and creativity in a TV writer’s room – and Rodgers’ own anxieties as a writer. But we also discuss the emotional and professional affect Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy” had on her and her work, and how sexist or homophobic comments are not making their way to her.

"It was my first movie, so there were a lot of mistakes made throughout the process. It’s not perfect, but it’s still funny. The actors are really proud of it and, you know, I have a film out there on the festival circuit now. It’s been a huge first step for me."

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