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Student Dan Stewart's experimental film played in London based film festival

Friday, February 3, 2017

When junior Film and Media Studies student Dan Stewart started shooting a film for his expanded media class project, he didn't have a set plan or idea of what he wanted his work to entail.

That film played at professional film festival two weeks ago in London.

“I rounded up a bunch of people, said, 'Let's go film some stuff,' and then by the end I had figured out exactly what I wanted it to be,” said Stewart, a St. Charles, Missouri native. “So I said, 'Okay, let's do this specifically,' but it came out of sort of an improvised nature.”

Stewart's film, now titled “No Gods, No Managers,” takes place in the Midwest, and examines teenagers in the suburbs and how they deal with the dark and mysterious situation of living in a dystopian society.

While shooting, Stewart found out that the content he was getting from his filming sessions were quite dark and expressive.

“My first seed of an idea was to create something very chaotic,” Stewart said. “Like an expression of anger...the rest of the pieces kind of fell in after that.”

Once Stewart decided that anger was something he wanted to focus on, he sat down with two friends who served as his main actors and started to figure out what specifically they wanted to express in the film.

“We kind of figured out what it is about being here in this place that makes us angry,” Stewart said. “What things make us angry? And we kind of based these characters off of those things.” Read more

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