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Sav Rodgers is chasing sexuality itself in a Hollywood fantasy

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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The Pitch | Jonah Desneux

Take a moment to think about a piece of art that makes your life better. Is it the song that played in the background if your first kiss? The painting you saw on a 6th-grade field trip that made colors look a way they never had before? The book that inspired you to get out of the house and embark on adventures of your own? No matter the reason, we all have those works of art that push a smile on our face when someone dares ask: “What’s your favorite?”

That question doesn’t often inspire the long term adventure inflamed in our guest today. Asking filmmaker Sav Rodgers what his favorite piece of art is, there is no hesitation: the 1997 Miramax film Chasing Amy. The passion Rodgers has for Chasing Amy shapes his path as a filmmaker and inspired his documentary feature Chasing Chasing Amy.

We promise it makes sense in a moment. Stay with us.

Chasing Chasing Amy is about the cultural impact Chasing Amy had on the LGBTQ community and its controversy. But also its powerful resonance in my own life. What we’ve been able to do so far is have these difficult conversations with people about the power of positive identification and the power of movies.” Rodgers says. “The idea is that we talk about the power that movies have in terms of reflecting yourself.”

Chasing Amy is your typical Hollywood love story. Man falls in love with woman, Woman is a self-identified lesbian, Man obsesses over turning Woman straight, Man eventually gets Woman to proclaim her love for him, Man then ruins everything by having a meltdown when he discovers Woman has been with other men before him. That classic fairy tale trope.

Chasing Amy is inherently taboo and garnered controversy by many. The script is riddled with straight male characters saying a slew of ignorant, homophobic comments. The film’s writer and director, Kevin Smith is a heterosexual man himself, adding to the criticism that Chasing Amy may cause more harm than good. ......Read more

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