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Alumni Database

If you would like to be in the Alumni Database or have an update, send us your submissions.  Your email and phone number are not required unless you would like to receive our monthly newsletter.  Your contact info will not be published or shared.

Name DegreeDeg* YR Current Position
Sapienza, Stephanie B 1999 A-BProject Manager of the American Archive at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in Washington D.C.
Saltz, Zach M 2010 Currently in the FMS PhD program at KU
Schroer, Edward B 2012 Videographer at the Muller Bressler & Brown ad agency in Kansas City
Schultz, Jake B 2012 Shop Employee at Lights On Kansas City, Inc. in grip, electric and camera work
Schwyhart, Devin B 2012 Is a VFX editor for Stargate Studios.
Scupham, Stephane B 1999 Kansas City Film Commissioner
Selee, Nate B 2012 Freelance Grip/Electrician in KC
Sheridan, Rick M 1988 Journalist for the Dayton Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, Tampa Bay Times and Professional Artist
Shuk, Juan Pablo B 1991 Cast member, Coronel Martinez in "Narcos" on Netflix
Shuler, Jess B 2011 Freelance Production Assistant in Atlanta, GA
Sieve, Brandon B 2013 Works at The Donnors' Company (founded by director Richard Donnor) in LA
Singleton, Lucas B 2012 Works at Hastings Entertainment
Slater, Ryan B 2007 Assistant editor/machine room operator at a post production facility in Studio City
Smith, Lucas B 2002 SVP at Endgame Entertainment in LA
Sohn, Rona Eun-Kyung P 2013 Professor of Academic Advising at Yonsei University (South Korea)
Southard, Gregor B 1989 Screenwriter, Writer, and Events Coordinator for "Kozmic Lazer Show" in Nashville
Stangl, Sandell B 2010 Visual Effects Coordinator for the Asylum
Stansifer, John B 1998 Writer and producer in LA
Starr, Jim B 1990 Project Coordination/Management in IT
Steele, Matt B 2012  
Stone, Jared B 2000 Creative director at Telepictures
Stone, Chris B 2012 Writer, videographer and actor for Simply Fictitious Productions
Swartz, James B 2013 Interning in LA
Swenson, Kendall B 1998 Actor, Makeup artist and Host in LA
Templeton, Alisha B 2000 Director, Techstars
Tenholder, Jonathan B 2009 Set Lighting Technician and Shop Steward in New Orleans, LA
Thomas, Scott B 1998 Writer and producer, currently Executive Producer of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja for Disney XD
Towns, Nathan B 2011 Film composer working in LA
Tucker, Sarah B 2008 Production Assistant on The X-Factor

*B = BA, BS, BGS, Undergraduate degree

 M = MA, Master of Arts

 P = PhD, Doctorate of Philosophy

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