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Premiere: ‘Who’s Back’ by Cuee

Friday, February 28, 2020

The Pitch | Nick Spacek

Lawrence-based rapper Cuee is kicking off 2020 with a slew of new releases, and we are here for it. Not only is he the first rapper to appear on the YouTube series Blind Covers, but there’s a new EP and a debut full-length in the pipe. To whet your appetite for those new albums, we’re proud to bring you the aptly-titled “Who’s Back,” Cuee’s first new music since last year’s Shameless EP. It’s an absolute jam, and the sheer positive vibes coming through, combined with the live instrumentation backing him, make this a return well worth waiting for. You can check out the video, shot at Lawrence’s Ladybird Diner, right here, right now, and read a Q&A with the rapper ahead of the single’s release.

The Pitch: How many EPs have you put out at this point?

Cuee: I was thinking about that the other day. I did three back to back, and then I took off maybe about a year and a half and I’m getting ready to gear up out another one. I think I’m gonna do a small EP in the beginning, and then do a full length later in the year.

It seems like every musician I have talked to thinks that EPs are so much more satisfying in a “Here’s where I am like right now” kind of way. 

Yes, and my life is changing quickly, so I’d like to get some stuff out now and make a statement.

How is it changing quickly?

Just the transition and just coming into myself—figuring out what that looks like musically—voice changing, and then, like hearing that on the tracks. Coming up, everything is different.

Has being a performer and being on stage helped you in terms of transitioning, or helped you decide to transition?

Actually, it has stopped me. I think, when I first started performing everyone knew Quee, right? I had this image and I was just doing everything and going about it. Then, I was like, “Wow: when I start transitioning, people are going to be like, ‘Who the heck is this person?’” How do I maintain Quee and roll with the punches? ......Read more




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