Patrick Rea ImagePatrick Rea

Film & Media Studies BGS, 2002
Self-employed filmmaker

What is your fondest memory from your time at KU?  
I really loved the camaraderie that I experienced in film school, especially in the production courses.  I also really enjoyed Ed Small’s Experimental Film course and still talk about some of the films we saw.

How did KU help prepare you for your career?  
I always tell people that KU introduced me to talented filmmakers that I would work with in the future.  A lot of the people I work with today are people I met in film school. 

What advice can you give to current Jayhawks? 
I always tell film students to just get out there and make films.  The world has changed and the technology to make films is at your finger tips.  I also tell them to make sure they tell a good story because ultimately that’s what it comes down to, story.

What kind of training do you think FMS should include in its curriculum to help prepare students post-graduation? 
I really think there needs to be ‘film business’ classes available to post-graduation students to prepare them for what is ultimately a business.  Also a class in ‘film-legal’ would be very useful.

Anything else you’d like to add?  
Excited and extremely honored to be showing my feature film “Nailbiter” and speaking at this year’s KU Film Rally.  

Patrick Rea is an independent filmmaker, known for his innovative storytelling and creative directing style in horror and suspense. His short films have been screened in film festivals around the world. His short films “Woman’s Intuition” and “Get Off My Porch” have both won a Heartland Emmy Awards.  Nailbiter was an official selection to the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, Shriekfest Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival and the Horror Fest Film Festival. It won a number of awards, including Best Horror Feature at Shriekfest and Best Feature and Best Director at the Chicago Fear Fest.

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