Mohsen Nasrin

Primary office:
Summerfield Hall
Room 118I

I received my PhD from the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture at Carleton.  The focus of my  current research is on the experience of time in the films of two Canadian filmmakers, Lynn Stopkewich and John Greyson. In particular, I believe that, the construction of narrative time in Canadian cinema often avoids obvious causality, linear correlations between past and present, and dramatic teleology.

I have taught a number of courses at Carleton University, University of Wilfrid Laurier, and University of Kansas including “The Filmmakers” (Cronenberg, Romero, Stopkewich, Miike),  “Cinema and Technology: Film Editing and Media Technology, and Classic Film theory. Moreover, my statistical analyses of more than eight hundred films are available in the Cinemetrics Database (

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