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Local cinematographer Jeremy Osbern framed wide release feature "The Big Ugly"

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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The Big Ugly // Courtesy PR


The Pitch | Jonah Desneux

Stanley Kubrick’s surreal 1971 classic A Clockwork Orange is known for evoking an abundance of different emotions for views. The futuristic tale of an ultraviolet gang of droogs drinking milk and beating people while wearing phallic masks has both fascinated and distressed audiences throughout the years. While the film’s themes of morality, justice, and if someone can truly be reformed can be debated to the end of time, one thing that always holds true is that every person that watches the bizarre film has their own unique experience for it. When Jeremy Osbern had his experience with the film in 8th grade, it showed him that movies could be more than originally thought and thus began his path in becoming a filmmaker. Now, Osbern recently worked with the star of A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell, as the cinematographer for The Big Ugly, now playing nationwide.
Osbern grew up in Lawrence and went on to attend the University of Kansas. After graduating, he was advised to move to LA or New York if he wanted to make it in the business. Instead, Osbern chose to stay local and do his part in advancing the film scene in Lawrence and Kansas City. While attending KU, Matt Jacobson and Kevin Willmott were professors of his, allowing him the opportunity to help with the feature CSA: Confederate States of America. The film got into Sundance and Willmott invited a group to stay on the floor of his condo and experience Park City and the prestigious festival. Years later, Osbern was the co-cinematographer with Matt Jacobson on Willmott’s film The Only Good Indian. With the film, Osbern went back to Sundance now in a key role.
“I was 27 at the time, and it was pretty amazing that they put that level of trust in someone that age to shoot a film with a pretty healthy budget on 35mm film. Over the years that followed, I’ve been slowly working my way up on projects with bigger and bigger budgets (and of course some micro-budget passion projects as well).” Osbern says. Read more...

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