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KU professor Laura Kirk impacts students through film work

Thursday, June 27, 2019

UDK | Annie Soener

KU alumna and assistant professor Laura Kirk teaches writing groups during the summer and recently led a screenplay reading, all to keep the work momentum going outside of the classroom.

A dedicated work ethic is a constant in Kirk’s life; just recently, she and several of her former students walked the red carpet at the highly prestigious film festival, Dances with Films.

Kirk starred in "The Land," a film set right here in America’s heartland. She notes that there is an interesting turn within the film industry where more stories are being told about the Midwest. With over 2,000 submissions to the Dances with Films festival, "The Land" is one out of 19 films that entered into the narrative competition.

"The Land" is about a couple who face losing the property that has been in their family for generations.

"With the crop and land crisis collapsing due to international trade tensions, the two are going to lose the only life that they’ve ever known, and it’s about how they handle that," Kirk said.

Kirk mentions suicide rates among farmers have gone up exponentially; "The Land" covers the grim climate of today’s struggling farmers while also conveying a relatable message.

“The main question of the film is, when you... Read more

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