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KU film graduate achieves success through body painting

Monday, September 19, 2016

Body paintFor Elsa Rhae, body painter and 2013 University graduate in film and media studies, her senior year involved one fateful decision: which elective to take in order to fulfill her degree.

It is a dilemma that isn't unlike most at the University. Her final choice, a stage makeup course, would lead her into a new career path. She said the kit she had to buy required for class hooked her.

"It was the kit," Rhae said. "We had to buy that kit. Full of really not that quality makeup, but I never really had anything like it."

During her time in the stage makeup class, Rhae would take the class's required and use them at home for her own projects.

And from then on, she aspired to make the most of what she had. Rhae, a Lenexa native, said she would "go home and look up other makeup looks on the internet" and try to create characters based off what she saw.

To this day, she remembers doing a sunflower design on her forehead, one of the first times she tried to body paint with the kit.

Then, the idea came to her to show others what she was doing. She already had a YouTube channel -- a longtime passion of hers -- she would use what she learned from her film courses and combine that with her newfound love for painting.

"I was like, 'hey, I bet I could take this platform and combine it with this platform, tie that together and turn it into something that I can make revenue off of,'" Rhae said. Read more


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