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I am a PhD Candidate completing my dissertation on movie theatre exhibition and media studies. My research interests extend further to critical industry studies, film and television studies, and fan studies. With a strong desire to research, make films, and teach at the collegiate-level, I’ve had the opportunity to teach courses in both film studies and production during my tenure as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Instructor of Record in Film & Media Studies. These classes include FMS 100: Introduction to the Film Medium, FMS 275: Basic Video Production, FMS 276 Basic Film Production, 302 Media Storytelling, FMS 312: History of Int’l Film from Sound to the 1950s, FMS 375 Intermediate Video Production, FMS 376 Cinematography, FMS 380 Popular Culture of the 1950s & 1980s, FMS 490 Broadcast Documentary Workshop, FMS 576 Animation, and FMS 895 Rod Holcomb Television Workshop. In 2014, I joined the Achievement & Assessment Institute as a full-time staff at the University of Kansas to pioneer the Center for Educational Testing & Evaluation’s Video & Media Production department. As a Digital Media Coordinator/Video Production Manager, I’ve produced, written, and directed over 1500+ high stakes testing ASL videos, informational, educational, and promotional films.

Academic Interests

Exhibition film history, movie theatre business, digital technologies, fan studies, video editing and production


"Vids, Vlogs and Blogs: The Participatory Culture of Smallville's Digital Fan" in The Smallville Chronicles: Critical Essays on the Television Series

Preserving the Past: Topeka's Jayhawk Theatre (2011) - PBS film excerpt

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