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Film and media studies alumnus funds film 'Stadium' through Kickstarter

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Caleb KnuevenCaleb Knueven, a University alumnus, is writing and directing a new short film titled "Stadium" about the beginning of a breakup. On Aug. 19, the film received funding through Kickstarter and surpassed its goal of $6,000, with a final tally of $8,075.

The film follows his previous short film, "Bad Egg," a dark comedy in which a man who does nothing but wrong finally receives the consequences he deserves.

However, "Stadium" will go down a different path than its predecessor, as it will take a more serious route in terms of the story.

“The idea came from life,” Knueven said. “'Stadium' was made out of a conversation I didn’t have, but should have had, with my girlfriend at the time.”

The story tells of the beginning of a couple’s break up when they decide to go their separate ways, and it was his experiences that helped form the idea of the film.

Knueven currently lives in Los Angeles, a city he's wanted to live in since he was in eighth grade. However, his journey to Los Angeles had a few stops on the way, including one in Kansas. He said attending the University prepared him for his career as a filmmaker.

“Coming from KU really helps instill an independent filmmaker’s mindset,” said Knueven. Read more

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