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'The Dreams of Rene Sendam' Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Friday, February 12, 2016

Bringing the haunting and provocative tale of love, poetry and the capacity for evil to the big screen

Award winning director and KU Alum Joshua Zev Nathan and producers Cortney Kammerer and J.S. Hampton announce their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to film and produce their first feature length film.

The Dreams of Rene Sendam follows eccentric poetry graduate student Rene Sendam on his journey to find meaningful relationships with those around him. Rene is full of love, yet troubled. He has lived a fantasy life of great wonder and beauty, and a real life of isolation and rejection. The story follows Rene’s relationships with three other students and a dog. Rene’s dream world eventually overtakes his reality, resulting in a slow but total mental breakdown.

“My hope is that ‘The Dreams of Rene Sendam’ adds to the difficult dialogue on the problem of evil and the urgent need to understand the subtle yet crucial differences between a person who commits evil, and the many who don’t,” stated director Joshua Zev Nathan.

“Because of its content, ‘The Dreams of Rene Sendam’ will be a thought provoking film for viewers with its controversial subject matter, potentially heinous acts and the lead character navigating the fine line between love and evil.”

The film has secured initial funding but the filmmakers are in need of your help to bring their cast and crew together for the production of this film.

Rewards for the backers of the film will run the gamut from early copies of the film to high-quality photography prints to acting roles in the film, and even a private sail with the filmmakers in Santa Monica Bay.

For more information on the film and filmmakers or to make a pledge to the project, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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