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Watch our Career Week in LA Workshop video to get valuable tips about the event and how to prime your application. The deadline for this year's application is 5 p.m. on Friday, October 25th!


Hollywood sign

Career week kicks off the weekend before Spring Break.  Qualifying students have the opportunity to tour Hollywood, Burbank and greater Los Angeles, visiting KU alums and getting an all access pass behind the scenes at various studios and production companies including famous sets such as the Goldbergs, and Big Bang Theory.  They are treated to a full itinerary of lunch meetings and tours with industry leading Jayhawks.  During the trip students also visit Los Angeles landmarks and points of interest including the Griffith Observatory, Venice Beach, Hollywood Blvd and the Santa Monica Pier.


Film restoration

Learning some film restoration tricks of the trade

"You meet so many people [at the Career Week trip to LA] who are genuinely interested in not only helping you find opportunities but giving advice on how to navigate them." - Annie Southall







ChiPs premiere

Dax Shepard at the "CHiPs" premiere.


"This was an unexpected treat. I was approached on Hollywood Blvd. by a Warner Bros rep who offered us tickets to the Chips movie premiere. It was pretty amazing to sit in the Chinese Theatre, have Dax Shepard introduce his film, and watch it for the first time with an audience. Everyone loved it." - Juli Pitzer

Lunch with Babbitt and Schwyhart

Lunch with Director of Photography Grant Babbitt and Editor Devin Schwyhart

"I would say that this trip gives you an idea of what it’s like to work in the film industry. Even if it’s not in LA, we got to learn what people that work in this industry get to experience every day." - Ricky Smith










Tangled storyboards

"Tangled" storyboards at Disney TV Animation



"This was great for animators. It was really nice to hear exactly what they are looking for in a portfolio and want to see. Advice was all really helpful and directly applicable." -Janae Hall

Rose Bowl

Siteseeing tour included the Grifith Observator, Santa Monica Pier and the Rose Bowl

"I loved seeing the local sights, some touristy and some local. It gave me more of an idea of the local scene." - Amber Brown


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