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Alumni make film documenting their on-foot journey across Kansas

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Kansas an EpilogueIn the spring of 2015, filmmakers Joshua Nathan and Patrick Ross road the Southwest Chief passenger train from Los Angeles to Garden City, a small town in Western Kansas.

With backpacks containing nothing but basic camping gear and filmmaking equipment, the two began their on-foot journey across Kansas, with the hopes of documenting the realities of the frequently misunderstood state.

After committing to the idea in the fall of 2014, Nathan and Ross spent the next six months developing their plan and preparing for the journey that would ultimately take two months to complete. They captured their experiences on the road and have since been editing the film for their documentary, “Kansas an Eclogue.”

As they began their walk from Garden City that following spring, Nathan and Ross started the trip in hopes of digging into the states and learning more about the people and history of Kansas. While attempting to stay on the back roads and in the country, the two zig-zagged through the state, traveling east to west. 

“We were just isolated, and just walking these dirt roads, and that has a profound effect on your psyche and mentality,” Ross said. “You view life a lot differently when you sort of push yourself to those limits where you’re going off and adventuring into the unknown.”

Despite currently residing in Los Angeles, both Nathan and Ross spent... Read more

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