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After working on '22 Jump Street' and 'Game of Thrones,' a KU alumnus is coming back to Lawrence

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grant BabbittHe remembers his first freelance job as a cinematographer right out of college, what he describes as a whirlwind of unexpected events. He accepted a gig in Los Angeles to set up the lighting and camera for a televised celebrity interview. Grant Babbitt remembers the crew saying, “Tom will be up soon.”

Little did he know, that would be Tom Cruise.

Babbitt, a University alum, jumped straight out of the film and media studies program and into Los Angeles as a successful freelance cinematographer after graduating in 2011. Babbitt finished his last final exam at the University and then, immediately drove straight to the big city.

His transition from Lawrence to a big city — working with celebrities and other prominent figures on the film set — was unbelievable, Babbitt said.

"I started doing a bunch of interviews with actors, working with all of these A-list people, being only out there for a year or two," Babbitt said. "I was working with some of the top talent, kind of being thrust into that world, was very interesting. It’s kind of evolved from there.”

Babbitt has worked on several notable movies and TV shows, such as “Game of Thrones,” “Dexter,” “The Lego Movie,” “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “22 Jump Street,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and the list goes on.

Because of Babbitt’s extensive experience in the field, he plans to come to the University next fall to talk to the current film students about his experiences and moves that have helped him become a successful freelance cinematographer.

“I know [film students] probably feel like they’re just kids from Kansas, and even though... Read more

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