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‘Thats So Raven’ to return to the Disney Channel in spin-off series headed by Film alumnus

Thursday, December 15, 2016

'Thats So Raven'On Oct. 27 actress and "The View" panelist Raven-Symoné dropped major news on live television. She was leaving the daytime talk show by the end of the year, and she's coming back to reprise her role as Raven Baxter for a "That's So Raven II" series on Disney Channel.  The news shook fans of the original series, which aired on Disney Channel from 2003 to 2007, where they immediately took to social media hopeful to see the band back together for another round of fun.

One of the co-creators and executive producers on the show is 1998 alumnus Scott Thomas. Knowing the success of the original series, Thomas is beginning the process alongside Symoné and co-creator Jed Elinoff to revamp a story many people loved. 

"The best case scenario would be to have familiar faces from the old show and have them pop up, have them involved in some way," Thomas said. "But at the same time introduce some new stars through the kids."

The new series will have Baxter as a divorced mother of two pre-teen kids years after the original. She will still have the visions of the future that often got her into trouble, although her children haven't shown they have the ability too.

"The show will focus on the family and hilarious situations that come out of having a mom with psychic abilities," Thomas, a Coffeyville native said.

The new series will play off the successful formula of the original. During its run, "That's So Raven" not only entertained audiences but paved the way as the first show to have a black women star and have their name in a comedy series title. It also won two Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and was nominated for two Primetime Emmy's, among other distinctions.

"Part of it is that we want to update the series because it was a fun product of its time," Elinoff said. "Ultimately it’s a character show about relationships and about family and that’s really the important part." Read more


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